How to fall in love again

 September 10, 2015 |

Sometimes you need to outsource inspiration.

Here’s some of the best responses to our last email blast about how to fall in love again.




Inspiration time?  We all need it on occasion. 

Love is an all of the time thing, not a some of the time thing. Paraphrasing the great Vince Lombardi of football fame.

And in TEXAS, boy do they know football! He was referring to ‘greatness’ not love though.


Love IS great, it’s the greatest force in the world.

If you were in love, which I am certain you were, which means you ARE still in love, then your job wont be to fall in love again, but…to do something which in your opinion is better, greater, more different than you’ve ever done! 


A quote from some French dude from about 300 years ago–Francois de la Roche Foquat. Where true love does not exist it can never be found, where it does exist it can never be hidden. 


So Jessie, go find it!




Hey there Jess!!  I decide to only have fun, and then eventually, when I’m not looking, love finds me…again. Xoxo




Your email came at a very good time. I am trying to finish my dissertation but have hit some big bumps like falling and breaking shoulder and ankle and breaking the knee replacement and then falling after it. I know that falling Is a metaphor but for me it is both. I haven’t fallen in 5 months so YAY.


I know there is a song somewhere about my wonderful husband Mark even after these 6 years he has been gone.  Or a poem. I so hope to hear your music again soon.




I know what you mean about the weather.  It’s brutal!  It didn’t bother me last summer when I was going to the pool every morning socializing and getting some exercise but that is not the case this summer.  I decided I will just try to walk every day indoors.  I think I have been to every big store in Stuart. Today it will be Publix –shop and walk.  First I walk every aisle without the wagon then I do my shopping. I want to get in shape for my trip.

I am trying to get motivated to straighten out a drawer or closet.  They say l5 minutes a day is a good plan but I have found that there is nothing much you can accomplish in 15 minutes.  It turns out to be more like an hour.  I will give it a try this morning.

Keep cool!

Love you,





As an Artist, Designer, Inventor, business, and etc…savvy has allowed me to open up my mind and soul, to except the fact that I am a vessel, and understand the possibility of creating anything, and achieving as much as you are willing to embrace.

Looking forward to hearing your new creations.




I’ve been told by a number of therapists, “Fake it ‘till u make it.”  Which I guess translates to going through the motions until the feeling comes back round again.  Best wishes, good luck!



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