New EP Volume 2 Out Friday

 May 24, 2016 |

We the Please Please Me have a new baby coming. Meet Volume 2. The upside to the down ‘n moody vibe of Year of the Horse… these tracks were all recorded together two fateful summers ago.


Read everything Slothtrop Records — our new label! — has to say about it below. Aaaaaand, cool t-shirts on their way. A video for I Don’t Wanna Talk About It. A killer release party slated for this Thursday at the Empire Control Room in Austin.



For Immediate Release

May 23, 2016 (Madison, WI) – “Come out, come out on the edge…” those are
the words that begin the newest release from Austin based band The Please
Please Me. It’s an invitation to climb into the microcosm created by this

up-and-coming electro pop act. Filled with a heady mixture of affliction

and joy Volume 2 finds the group poised to step outside of the indie rock

box, exploring corners and crevices rarely plumbed in today’s music scene.

Primarily the vision of lead singer and principal songwriter Jessie Torrisi,

Volume 2 is the flipside follow up to last year’s Year of the Horse.

“That record was about 2014, which was a year of doom for me. I
got terrible insomnia, had a band I was in fall apart, and then ended a
6-year relationship. It was ‘year of the horse’ according to the Chinese
calendar, a year is notorious for jerking you around. The songs
were an attempt to be strong in the face of struggle, or find strength in
places I didn’t know I had it and pull through.”

The songs on Volume 2 are from the same period. But there’s a power to this

record not seen in last year’s effort. Volume 2 is more cathartic and

defiant than heartbroken. Tunes like I Don’t Want To Talk About It and No Way

This World feel radio ready with a power not recently heard on left of the dial
stations. The songwriting is crisp and world worn, but not weary. Like a
young Lou Reed dating a slightly older Lucinda Williams.

It’s not just Torrisi’s voice that invite the comparisons to those two gravel-
voiced songwriters. The lyrics on Volume 2 and are sparse and poetic with
more East Coast edge then Austin weird.

Like 2014’s Year Of The Horse, Volume 2 was tracked at The Bubble in
Austin, TX and produced by Frenchie Smith. Recorded live with electronic

elements blended in Smith was able to capture a specific moment
in time for The Please Please Me. Pensive and otherworldly but
brimming with confidence and promise. It’s one I think we’ll all be happy
to visit again and again.

Volume 2 will be released on Slothtrop Records May 27, 2016.  It can be
purchased digitally via iTunes or physically via Amazon. For more
information on Jessie Torrisi, Volume 2 or the Please Please Me, contact
Ian Forestor at Slothtrop Records or their manager

Ian Stonington at





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