Collab w DJ Hidden Valleys

 July 1, 2017 |

Indie electro is a word we’ve thrown around a lot, but we’re finally doin’ it. Last week, Penny Moon & I were Toronto bound to try out a collaboration with a sic DJ/ producer up there who goes by Hidden Valleys.


It’s too soon to share much (except these photos) and the revelations that Canadians:

1) really are as nice as they say

2) always buckle their seatbelts, and

3) seem to jive subtle sophisticated music in a way that is a natural fit for the pls pls me.


Toronto felt like a super multicultural city, and there’s definitely something cool in the water up there.


Stay tuned for a record that we think will be heart-on-sleeve meets heart-on-dance-floor.

(photos: 1. producer Kev & co-producer;   2. the studio door where magic happens;    

3. captain & dogs headed to a video shoot in the loaf;    4. homo-erotic art at Olive B.’s launch party)

IMG_7338 IMG_7346 IMG_7303IMG_7331



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