Meet The Band





From Philadelphia with a New York City heart
Started playing drums at 14; Started writing songs after 1st love affair/heartbreak
Capricorn / Christmas baby
If I wasn’t a musician, I’d be a journalist, chasing artists and activists around the world
Fav part of being in a band: going to rehearsal after a long, shitty day & the music makes everything right again. Being onstage. Feeling like I get to stay a kid.







Ali & j dog



Athens, Georgia native
Theater / art school kid
Made money to put myself through college singing in a country revue
Kick-ass cook with impressive knowledge of highbrow cocktails and lowbrow hiphop

Areas of expertise: Southern sass, political & philosophical ideology






Oriole bass



From Atlanta
Trained classical pianist with a penchant for gypsy rock
Rocker by day, Vet tech by night  (i save baby deer!
Skills: Dying hair blue, bouncing onstage, sending outrageous clever ‘n dirty text messages, shooting video with one hand while driving with the other







As their name would suggest, the Please, Please Me specialize in hot ‘n heavy bedroom pop. Female gaze, ambiguous sexuality, the realization that sometimes you just have to go fulfill your own desires.


Their set of carefully crafted indie songs is designed to seduce and encourage the shyest to find their inner punk rocker. Lead vocalist Jessie Torrisi, bassist Oriole Holloway, and backup vocalist/synth player Ali Sanders spent the summer recording their first full-lenght record, produced by Frenchie Smith, and the fall touring the Midwest and East Coast, traveling to New York City for the CMJ Fest.


Full of sonic moods and longing. This record’s been a long time in coming. In 2013, after a successful Kickstarter campaign featuring a video with a pink puppet, the Please Please Me released its first EP. But before they could release their second one, the band fell into disarray. One divorce (their old drummer), one pregnancy (their old cellist), and several bouts of insomnia later, Torrisi found herself starting from square one.


Turns out struggle is what great songs are made of. With nothing else to do, Torrisi began writing and writing… until she had an album worth of songs. And then the Craig’s List gods intervened to deliver her new bandmates.


Stay tuned for their album, Year of the Horse, due out in 2015. In the meantime, to hear their lost EP, visit soundcloud.