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…the EP show’s off the band’s rhythm-centric approach, especially on the ebullient single “All Danced Out.”


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…All manner of awesome and their own twist on to indie-pop.


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The Please Please Me are a trio from Austin, Texas, formed and fronted by Jessie Torrisi. Jessie grew up in the Philadelphia area, has been a professional musician in New York but calls Austin her home now. The band includes Torrisi on lead vocals and guitar, drummer Agustin Frederic and cellist/backing vocalist Alissa McClure. They recently released a rock solid five song EP, Shake A Little Harder, that shows a tougher, more rock and roll leaning side to the singer-songwriter.

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The Please Please Me led by Jessie Torrisi plays sultry pop songs that will break your heart and make you fall back in love all at once. The unique and elaborate drum setup is only accented by Torrisi’s drumming on her log on a few songs. A slick looking cello and female cellist holds the sound together and gives the songs a smooth feel. The hook heavy tunes are pleasing to the ear and leave you in a better mood after hearing them. Listen for songs from their pretty stellar new 5 song EP that was just released. The best track is likely “All Danced Out” while “Dreamin’” has a… well… dreamy quality to it. The poster above was inspired by a pop number from the EP named “She Leaves Notes” that will hopefully crack the setlist again. The centerpiece of every Please, Please Me’s setlist is “Hungry Like Me” that is simple one of the best pop song you will ever hear.

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Twangville Featured Song “Dreamin”

One of those glorious discoveries. Jessie Torrisi has an edge she channels through her earnest songwriting. Immediately engaging.



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All Danced Out may be the new dance-rock anthem for the working class.

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The please please me please me & they’ll please you too.

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The Total Scene Chicago

Refreshingly original sound

Eric Schelkopf, The Total Scene Chicago

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The Please Please Me invariably carve out their own sound


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NY Examiner

Austin may be home for indie pop trio The Please, Please Me, but there’s more than a little New York flavor in their new EP, Shake a Little Harder

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Epic! So much groove it should make you shake harder all summer long.

Jason Noble, CultureFly

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